Wednesday, June 3, 2009

ShareFest Update

A big thank you to everyone who participated in ShareFest last weekend.  More than 70 volunteers showed up to serve at Centaurus and Angevine.  It was a busy day of painting and the schools looked great when the teams were done.  

There are other opportunities to grab some friends and serve with ShareFest this summer -

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Have you heard of....

Steve Saint.  Anyone know his story???  Part of us figuring out how God can use us is seeing and hearing about how God has used others.  So, we'll have updates like this where we'll introduce you to someone that God has/is using in building His kingdom worldwide.  They might have an unusual skill, overcome huge adversity, persevered, paved the way, given their lives - literally, serve in an unusual place.... but somehow they inspire us through their great faith and living as Christ in their contexts.

Our first introduction is a man named Steve Saint.  He is an entrepreneur, business man, tinker-er, and self-taught dentist.  He is also a pilot, started a business in Ecuador where tribal people are actually building planes that are being sold in the US.  He has written articles that have made Christian missionaries/agencies mad and books that have challenged our way of thinking about missions and the church.  He lives in Florida, but grew up in Ecudor and later served as a 'gopher' to the Waodani tribe.  He later served with his wife and 4 kids in Timbuktu. 

His father, Nate Saint, was killed when Steve was a small an unreached tribe in Ecuador...the Waodani.  His father was speared on a beach with several others of his friends - one well known friend named Jim Elliot.  He was 32 when he died.

Steve became family to the tribe and especially with a man named Mincaye, who actually killed Nate Saint.  There relationship is a story of redemption that speaks powerfully to the tribe and many who have heard their story throughout world.  Steve and Mincaye toured with Steven Curtis Chapman, sharing their testimony with concert-goers.  (Our worship leader, Randy Pearce played with Chapman during this tour and got to know Steve and Mincaye).

If you saw the movie, "The End of the Spear"  then you got a glimpse into the live of Steve...since it is HIS story and the story God is writing in his life.  

Steve has an organization called, ITEC - Indigenous Peoples Technology and Education Center.  The link to their site is:

Check out the movie or the book, The Great Omission.

May 30th Service Project

Sharefest is a great opportunity for us to serve together.  May 30th we need more than 150 volunteers to help.  You can sign up to serve by going to this link:

Fill out the top part of the information (name and email), click 'individual' and then
click on the second date option - Merge College.

Can't wait to see you there!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

5/7 at 7

I neglected to list the time for the meeting tomorrow night (5/7) - it is 7 pm at the church office.  1376 Miners Drive, Suite 106

We hope to see you!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Afghanistan Application Deadline

This Friday, May 8th, is the deadline for having your applications in for the July Afghanistan team.  If you can't go, start praying about how else you might be involved.

Thursday, May 7th...

This Thursday night we have the unique opportunity to hear an awesome, first hand account of God’s redemption in Northern Thailand.  We will meet at the church office, 1376 Miners Dr. We know that there are Thursday night groups meeting, why not bring them?!

P’ Emi, a close friend of Jonathan and Ashley Wallace, is visiting us all the way from Chiang Mai, Thailand and will share her story of growing up in some of the hardest of conditions and how God rescued her from being sold into the sex industry.  Her testimony is amazing, will bring you to tears, and will challenge you to stand up for the helpless.

P’Emi may be short and small, but God is using her in many big ways.  In the last several years, she has completed several YWAM schools, led several YWAM Discipleship Training Schools in Chiang Mai, and is now running a tourism business as she shares Christ’s love with the business and prostitute community of Northern Thailand.  She is a pioneer in her community, standing up for what God puts on her heart, and she is excited to share with you what God has done in her life and how you can get involved in bringing Christ’s hope and love to a very lost and broken world. 

If you are interested in Social Justice, fighting against sex slavery/trafficking, YWAM, or Southeast Asia, we encourage you to come.

In Emi’s own words, “I am Thai and passionate to reach out to the Thai people for Christ. My life has been changed by His love and grace so I want to extend this same hope God give me to the lost. Find out more about what I am doing at”